Fast and automatic cell image analysis

Microscopy image analysis made easy

Automated cell detection

Our AI detects your cells and counts & classifies morphological features

Upload raw image
Simply upload your raw microscope images to the cloud
Automatic cell classification
The Neuralab AI performs a rapid classification of the morphological features
Download results
The results of the classification can be exported to Excel for your further research
Morphological results
Flat cellsRound cellsIntermediate cell state
Flat cells
Round cells
Intermediate cell state

Built for your lab

Our AI detects your cells, counts and classifies morphological features

Artificial Intelligence
Our technology is based on the latest achievements in AI research. Our AI exceeds the performance of a human expert.
High performance
We deliver robust, unbiased and reproducible results.
Easy to use
Discover our easy to use platform. Just drag and drop your images and export your results.

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Our team

We are experts in Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, UI/UX and the Life Sciences

Dr. Matthias Rapp
Matthias is a machine learning expert with a broad experience across different domains.
Jonathan Häberle, MSc.
Jonathan is a software engineer and has been implementing innovative UI intensive products for years.